"anyone who lives in Carroll County and is serious about film and acting, can ask to join the cast, once we have enough actors and actresses, we can start filming. we are also in need of cameramen, special effects editors {adobe after effects}, musicians for the soundtrack, and if possible, a real producer.

The film is a action/comedy similar to if you crossed Pineapple Express with American Pie. everyone will receive and will be able to make suggestions as to what to add or edit out.

Hope to hear from people soon."


Douches The movie has been delayed due to Minecraft.
-Craig "The Awkward Situation" Campbell,
resident Computer guy/cameraman/Grammar Nazi/hypocrite of Kastfilms.

should be done by the end of 2011!
get ready for the Craziest, most out of this world stunt/skit dvd since the CKY series!
its all coming to you.
yea....its gonna rock.
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